Friday, July 20, 2007

Oooom... Are we really going to fall for this?

So my inbox has been deluged with people seeking my impressions of Oooma. Heck, they even have Blogspot blog touting how great this is. Newsflash: Most people heard the song "White Rabbit" and probably think that's what you're on. You had 9 hits when I looked this morning. Two was me - one yesterday, and one today to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.

However, you're giving the press some tokes too:
And the rest of the Internet is abuzz since yesterday.

Now, a quick recap of this week's events:
  • A VoIP provider that loses more money the more people sign up implodes, with everyone stressing out and wanting to call the FCC to regulate the market for them.
  • A Fly-by-night-style web site is set up, collects your CC info for your SunRocket account, and in return you get a customer number.
And now everyone's ga-ga over some new service, with no information on its web site except how great its management team is, and charges money up front but no maintenance fee for its systems?

You need to quit the white rabbit...

Seriously though, this is just another spin on the "lifeline" idea - if the customer chooses to buy both the device and connect a legacy POTS line, 911 will work. For some reason, these folks get the credit, but again, we know how well homework gets done around here.

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Blogger Philip said...

Well another company that thinks they can give away service for nothing and still make money? I read the concept (atleast what is available online) and they seem to think they can sell you a voip adapter for $399.00 and give you US service for life. Hmmmmm... Perhaps another SunRocket is brewing...


6:54 PM  

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