Friday, July 06, 2007


Well, so more on the subject of nanny states - try California on for size:

Every building, it seems, has a sign stating that "there are materials therein that can be harmful to reproductive health." It's nice that California cares about my sperm cells, but is it really that necessary to state the obvious? Or does this make Virginia buildings, without the warning, safer from the get-go?

As far as reproductive health goes, there are a lot more things that I can think of that are quite likely hazardous to it:
  1. Crossing the street
  2. Breathing LA air
  3. Keeping a cell phone in your front trouser pocket (hey, it's a 3W microwave! No matter what studies are paid to say, there is no way holding one next to your jewels or your head can't be harmful)
  4. Driving like a Virginian on the I-5
  5. Riding a LA taxicab
Arguably, the 1, 4, and 5 will also prevent you from finding out about your reproductive health, since you'll be dead. The middle too, sadly, allow the sheeple to go on their merry ways until the expected no longer happens.

So, I imagine that the great state of California deems to protect me from myself. Let me guess, for my own protection, ammo sales are probably banned in June and December so homies can't shoot their ill-gotten firearms into the air on the 4th or on New Years.

The problem? Sheeple don't read signs. Homies have cars and can drive to Arizona. They can also buy extra in November ... hmmm.

Alas, sushi chefs who only speak Spanish are okay in CA. That and pining for hybrid Hummers...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got to love those money wasting bureaucrats... They are behind every problem in this country that I can think of.

10:21 AM  
Blogger kgayda said...

Nannyfornia has some silly regulations but it is by far the best state for insuring that environmental and safety laws are protecting citizens. Some of the best federal programs have been inspired by California law.

If you think California regulations are too overbearing you ought to visit Nannychusetts. There you are required to hire a plumber to connect or fix any of the fixtures on your gas grill.

10:49 AM  

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