Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Can I get Amnesty too?

Today people around the country are protesting for the right of illegal immigrants. Great. I live here and work here legally but don't have a green card - so you're telling me that they have the right that I don't?

I don't work hard? In fact, me being employed allows Americans to be employed. Beat that.

I don't follow laws? I have followed one more law than you.

Get in line - first one in initial legal status wins.

What a racist thing for me to say.

Es mi pais tambien. Como tu, tengo amigos y una vida aqui. Como tu, yo trabajo mucho. Pero, soy legal aqui, y tu me dichas que tu tenes mas derecho a vivir aqui? Y para tu esta bien que tu no tenes que pagar impuestos? Estas serio?

Sorry for the bad Spanish - it's language number 5 for me, and nobody in the DC area speaks with a gringo voluntarily.

The way it seems is that I have less a right to resident alien status than they do. Racists.



Blogger enide said...

Homie, your Spanish really bites. I'll tutor :)

6:27 PM  
Blogger kgayda said...

All of this amnesty crap is a thinly disguised ploy to drive down prevailing wages for legal citizens/green card holders. It is being pushed hard in conjunction with increases in all forms of tech guest worker visas (a form of indentured servancy). Nearly every piece of legislation since the Immigration Bill failed to pass has increases in guest worker visas buried in it thanks to the intensive lobbying efforts of companies like Microsoft, Sun, Oracle to name but a few. It is clear that the labor arbitrage effort will eventually prevail.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

what are languages 2-4? I'm a native born Californian as well as a member of a Tribal Organization. You might consider marrying into citizenship, buddo.
The Hispanic populations believe they are entitled because the US annexed Texas, placed troops on what Mexico recognized as their Territory (troops were sent to Rio Grande while there was a dispute about whether the US-Mex border would be there or at the Pecos(?) River further to the North (and East)). Santana was forced to respond due to raids and then a war began and the US pinned it on Mexico. One of the greatest land-grabs in history.

The majority of Mexicans are Amerindian or Mestizo (30% and 60%, respectively) and many Apache and even Hopi groups had borderline territories which were separated by an imaginary line enforced by easily bribed border officials. Those particular Natives should be given dual citizenship and should be given sizable reservations, not tiny specs of desert.

Mexicans, due to their Amerindian descent, technically have more right to be in this 'country' than any other group except those true aboriginals and possibly those forced/pressed into servitude and forced to immigrate into the US(Black persons, some Coolies, some whites, other Amerindians (slaves), and Polynesian groups displaced by nuclear testing on their islands)or Amerindian descendants in Europe or Africa.

Other than them, everyone is a willing, Caucasoid (Native/Aboriginal European, Berber, Arabian, Arya(n)s, non-Mongoloid or Negroe Middle Easterners and Central Asians), Asian(including Oceaneans) or Negritic (Black African, Dravidian, Melanesian, Papuan, Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders or Filipino mountain Australoids) person

8:00 PM  

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