Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunrocket done at COB today

I also got copied on the internal memo stating that they had not found a buyer. More than anything though, it seems pretty clear that people don't quite understand how the porting system works. The last dev remaining sent an IM my way saying that he was turning out the lights. If I had been in town I'd be pulling gear out of the lab right now, they had some really nice kit in there.

Porting a number is "pull" process most of the time. This means that there need not be anyone alive on the other end to release the number. The only system that will still see the number at its original location is the system that you have ported from. In SR's case, they'll be "bricking" or killing their ATA's today sometime, so this won't be a problem. Secondly, SunRocket never bothered going through the registration to get its own numbers for a number of reasons (good for everyone, as it turns out), so proof of number ownership lies with the upstream number providers anyways: Global Crossing, Qwest, Broadwing.

How to Port:
  1. IMPORTANT: Print out a SunRocket statement from the web site!
  2. Open an account with your chosen provider, and tell them you'd like to port the number.
  3. Send them a copy of the printed statement (not that it says much).
  4. Once inbound calls start working on your new equipment, call SunRocket to cancel your account. Skip that step - they're no longer answering.
--------------- (edited for clarity)

Other cool links:

ATA (Gizmo) Passwords, posted here:
User: admin
Password: 7UprUtew

Another Gizmo site

If the decision (at Sherwood Partners) is not to blow away the actual Gizmo firmware (killing them permanently), one should technically be able to re-use them for whatever service one ports to.

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Blogger Adam Nollmeyer said...

nice post! Thanks for the info. I made .pdf copies of my invoice from the website. I may htead over to viatalk. It would be nice if I could just port my SR to and then get a gizmo number.

Adam N.
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8:10 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

Hi JW, just happened across your blog from an external link. I was wondering if it was the former sunrocket engineer I knew and turns out it is. Nice to run into you -- I'll add you to my regular surfing list

- Lori

4:43 PM  
Blogger Marshall said...

It sure would be nice if Sunrocket would let us know what they had planned. My service has been having problems. Thanks for the info.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Sumit said...

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12:29 AM  
Blogger Jack Denver said...

Where did you get the idea that Sherwood would want to "brick" the gizmos? If they are interested in selling the subscriber base for whatever they can get (and they are) then bricking the gizmos is the last thing they would want to do. Even if they can't, what advantage would they gain by bricking the gizmos and why would they spend money on doing this?

2:47 PM  
Blogger jaydub said...

Jack, if they're really shutting down, they might. Granted, there is nobody at the helm right now, and I doubt Sherwood Partners has someone that understands the system well enough to do this.

But considering everything else, would you really be surprised?

3:12 PM  

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