Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Press Dingbats and SunRocket

I have to say I am still amazed how poor the state of journalism in the country is. I thought Geraldo pioneered drive-by journalism, but it's clear the folks and Washington Post are quick studies. Here is how to do it right.

Errors seen in the Press:
  • AP, Washington Post, Forbes: SunRocket was founded in 1994? It's 2004.
  • SunRocket offered monthly service for $24.95, and annual service for $199.00. The two-year specials were not on all the time. And they're not "contracts" - if customers cancelled policy was to refund the pro-rated amount. Try that from your contract cell provider.

Downright Falsehoods:
And for some reason, I thought the Terms of Service made it clear that SunRocket was not intended for business use. Why are businesses then complaining? One news org is so brazen they actually post an article online - I guess they can't read either.

No wonder the press says guns kill.

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Blogger GregR said...

Cheers Mr Crusty (-:

Do you have anything to add to my critique bearing in mind I am just a distant observer. ?

Greg Royal AKA Kiwibloke

3:49 PM  
Blogger jaydub said...


You did your research, and paid attention to detail. That's all I ask of anyone, but that order seems too tall for some.

The only other comment was the difficulty of implementing "bottom-line pricing". It's not hard, the problem is, you cannot compete with others who nickel-and-dime on top of the base price, since all the consumer sees is the initially offered price. I.e. 14.95 + 2.95 + 3.10 + 4.95 is cheaper to Joe-bad-at-math than $24.95. So honesty in pricing isn't really rewarded by the consumer.



4:21 PM  
Blogger sjkrischke said...

My name is Scott Krischke and I am a journalist working on a story about some of the local implications of SunRocket's sudden closer - both from its former employees and customer base. As you obviously have had a problem with some of the past reporting, I ask that you please contact me to share your version of this story.

I am trying to find anyone who has been associated with SunRocket, either as a paid employee or a customer, who would be interested in talking about the closing and interruption of service.

If you or anyone else you know would like to voice some information or some of your thoughts or opinions on what occurred here, I would very much like to speak with you.

You can reach me at my office at 703-917-6409 (please leave a message and contact info if I am not there, as I am out in the field quite a bit), or via email at

11:14 PM  
Blogger Lidstrom said...

Aside from all the bad reporting, which happens all the time, the big story is how, when times got tight, SunRocket conveniently threw out all of its "Member Bill of Rights". As the cynical people around me always tell me, those kinds of things are just marketing copy. Few, if any, companies really intend to stand by those.

7:52 AM  
Blogger robpegoraro said...

I may be a dingbat, but I didn't write any deliberate falsehoods in my blog post. You're objecting to a vague adverb (is last summer not "recent"?) and a vague noun (which I'd be glad to replace if you can suggest a more accurate synonym for "systems architect" that a non-technical reader would grasp).

In any case, thanks for reading...

- Rob Pegoraro

8:26 AM  
Blogger jaydub said...


Something like "former employee" would have done nicely ;)

Thanks for the link, though, and I do agree with the Jerk Company status.


12:22 PM  

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