Friday, May 18, 2007

The Disgrace of the Neocons

What a week.

First AG Gonzales continues to play dumb in public about his role in the firings of federal prosecutors, with new allegations emerging that he bypassed the last acting attorney general, and instead got the signature on the wiretap opinion from then-hospitalized John Ashcroft. These sorts of revelations continue to paint a frightening picture of the advocates of the so-called New World Order.

In other news, anti-corruption Wolfowitz, after arranging a raise for his girlfriend, resigns his position after negotiating a rosy summary by the World Bank board of directors. The grapevine in Washington reports that he ran the World Bank the same way the neocons ran their conquered Iraq: complete isolation in a Green Zone of sorts. reports here on how the administrators of the Iraqi occupation apparently had no clue about how Microsoft Word (tm) works, and how sensitive information exposing their optimism, hubris, and general ignorance was published for the world to see.

The Democrats fare little better, continuing with their push of "failure at any cost" - holding the effort in Iraq hostage to their demands for a withdrawal timetable. Of course, none of this stops the pork-barrel spending they had so selflessly exposed in their legislative opponents, as they graciously offer to "cut billions in domestic spending" from the supplemental budget.

And the agreement on immigration, nice, let's split families. So my green (greed) card-carrying wife could not get me one? Or, I complied with all laws and my employer and I have to pay $10,000+ for one, yet one of these lawbreakers can get one for $5,000? Nice.

'nuff said.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Can I get Amnesty too?

Today people around the country are protesting for the right of illegal immigrants. Great. I live here and work here legally but don't have a green card - so you're telling me that they have the right that I don't?

I don't work hard? In fact, me being employed allows Americans to be employed. Beat that.

I don't follow laws? I have followed one more law than you.

Get in line - first one in initial legal status wins.

What a racist thing for me to say.

Es mi pais tambien. Como tu, tengo amigos y una vida aqui. Como tu, yo trabajo mucho. Pero, soy legal aqui, y tu me dichas que tu tenes mas derecho a vivir aqui? Y para tu esta bien que tu no tenes que pagar impuestos? Estas serio?

Sorry for the bad Spanish - it's language number 5 for me, and nobody in the DC area speaks with a gringo voluntarily.

The way it seems is that I have less a right to resident alien status than they do. Racists.