Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do you have Dream? That'll be $10, please.

Apparently it still costs $10 to see Dr. Martin Luther King's speech in case you missed it.

Awesome. People will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their bank account and depth of their rolodex.

In other news, the SOPA protest is in full swing. It is definitely an interesting list of supporters, who won't be getting any of my money. Ironically, the right-wing "let freedom ring" people are in full support of this bill, since it purports to stop the Chinese from stealing our stuff. mmkay.

See the money trail at (a prime target for a SOPA shutdown when this passes, for sure!).


Oh, wait, the bill says I can't. And I can't link there either.

Ironically, "Open Congress" is listed as a supporting corporation - what's up with that?

About 21 MILLION dollars have been donated by supporters of the bill, notably to:

Rep. Eric Cantor [R, VA-7] $668,192
Rep. Howard Berman [D, CA-28] $590,398
Rep. Steny Hoyer [D, MD-5] $557,107
Rep. James Clyburn [D, SC-6] $486,927
Rep. Michael Capuano [D, MA-8] $465,500
Rep. Bruce Braley [D, IA-1] $438,839
Rep. Nancy Pelosi [D, CA-8] $416,100
Rep. Allyson Schwartz [D, PA-13] $409,019
Rep. John Boehner [R, OH-8] $403,800
Rep. Gary Peters [D, MI-9] $395,798

Sen. Harry Reid [D, NV] $3,502,624
Sen. Charles Schumer [D, NY] $2,648,770
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand [D, NY] $2,080,651
Sen. Barbara Boxer [D, CA] $1,431,843
Sen. Scott Brown [R, MA] $1,364,872
Sen. Robert Portman [R, OH] $1,363,009
Sen. Patrick Toomey [R, PA] $1,291,744
Sen. Michael Bennet [D, CO] $1,019,172
Sen. Mark Kirk [R, IL] $911,296
Sen. Patrick Leahy [D, VT] $905,310

Of course, none of this is fishy, one bit.

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