Monday, December 21, 2009

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Just in: Vancouver Olympics Committee embarrassed to ask Vancouver Symphony to "Milli Vanilli" their music.

It's true, I read it all on the CBC (credit them for the pic on the right too).

First comes the article:

And then their hasty apology:

In VANOC's defense:

It is usually recommended that the performances for live television events be recorded in the event of technical difficulties. Fine - but asking a while orchestra to pull a Milli Vanilli?

You got caught, then backpedaled because you realized this was retarded.

VANOC, why stop there?

Apologize to the taxpayer who will be stuck paying for your boondoggle - in 2006 you were already 110 million over budget. How much is it now?

The apologize to the protesters, whom you want to keep in "free speech areas." Less willing to taze and pepper-spray their way to notoriety (as if they needed more), Vancouver police shoves this chief into the limelight trying to backpedal. Nobody buys this, since it'll be the RCMP doing the tazing and pepper spraying anyways.

Then apologize to the radicalized protesters, to whom RCMP have said "we're watching you!"
CBC Story 1
CBC Story 2 (6000 km away in Nova Scotia...)
CBC Story 3

Then apologize to the people that lampoon you in protest, and the copyright law abuse you attempted to have passed in Vancouver city council. (Backpedaling here)

Apologize to the future generations of British Columbians for not being able to see the pristine "wilderness preserve" blasted and bulldozed for your demanded highway improvements. Never mind the luxury homes along the route as part of the package.

And the Olympics should apologize for having become an institution in whose name human rights are suppressed worldwide. Remember the people who applied for protest permits in 2008...

Dare I say that the Olympics, as noble as their claimed intentions are, are now a world leader in causing oppression?

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