Thursday, May 21, 2015

Surprise! Carefirst didn't learn from BCBS

So after the phenomenal breach of BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield), releasing millions of customers', applicants', and affiliated persons' social security numbers and full personally identifying information, it should have served as a wake-up call to healthcare insurers that business-as-usual is cannot continue.

Carefirst (I call them Carelast because of my interactions with their customer "service" - if you can actually reach them), being part of the same umbrella organization, should have checked their corporate egos and gotten their house in order. I am not surprised at all at the outcome - silence, awkward silence, and then ... a public statement on a web site most corporate systems block as being virus-infested. Classy:

 The mouse here is hovering over the button "Learn More" and it points to - which shows up on a corporate network like so:

As usual with health "care" "insurers" and providers, no matter what the legislation or intent, the industry is an incomprehensible rabbit warren of actors, all of which are either corrupt or rotten to the core.  And we all pay the price.

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