Friday, July 31, 2009

Cash for Clunkers: Punish Responsible People

I am getting sick of hearing "cash for clunkers is out of money" between dealership car ads.

So let me get this straight - anyone dumb enough to buy a car that didn't even get 20 mpg, bitched about it, gets a reward of up to $4500 for my stupidity.

Got it, thanks - the rest of us responsible proles subsidize the stupid and self-centered once again.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DC Police Chief calls iPhone Users Cowards

This is almost too funny to pass up - DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier calls iPhone users cowards for using an application that alerts them to DC speed cameras, and then laments how getting the software banned would be impractical. I guess they get brownie points for going to DC in the first place, but NO points for going the speed limit.

I call them cowards for having their digital rights managed. Why not force all iPhones to report their speeding owners? It's just another addendum to the iTunes terms of service :-)

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh Canada! "Free Speech Areas" to be defined for 2010 Olympics

I read this, thought about it, and after a while, wondered why nobody else picked this up.

Read it on the CBC!

I am sure they'll be near the arctic circle, if they don't arrest people for applying for a "permit to protest." Add to it the recently filed lawsuit against the RCMP going by known protesters' houses and telling them "we're watching you" and this is taking on a whole new dimension. Tasering with abandon is nothing new, but the subtle intimidation has eluded authorities in Canada for some time. Now they're brazen enough to flaunt it on the CBC.

Jokes aside, this paints a frightening picture of the "authorities" and their opinion on what criticisms they should face.

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