Friday, July 27, 2007

Teleblend CEO Speaks

There was a thread on DSL Reports earlier in the week that included the participation of Bill Fogg, who is stated as the CEO of USA Telephone. Nice that they're actually becoming active and shedding some light on the internal structure of the company. I do, however, find some of his comments incredibly odd, namely:

"Probably the question I’ve seen most frequently relates to the equipment being locked and passwords. Let me say this: the reason that former SunRocket customers still have service is because TeleBlend is paying the bills to carriers so that the lights stay on. In other words, service still exists because the network has been kept running. We do not have access to equipment passwords and we can’t impact your service at all; all we have done to this point is pay the network operators to keep service operable. We don’t have access to your passwords or information that would enable unlocking."

There have been complaints that the unlock passwords published elsewhere are not working for everyone. The Innomedia gizmos are managed by a dedicated system that has, politely put, "security issues." It hangs out there on the Internet without much protection, and it would not be the first time this stuff got breached. Don't blame me - that was set up on the telco side of the house, and I was told to stay away, especially as soon as I pointed out the breach.

As far as the statement "we don't have access to the equipment" I have to call BS. It's neither hard nor a stretch to figure that they can retain someone technical on their end. The receiver has access to the servers, and the password list (in my time) was also kept printed out in hardcopy (yes, safe...). It's not a stretch to assume that someone from either Sherwood Partners or Teleblend could retrieve a copy of the network diagrams, IP address list, and the systems operations guide (which nobody at SR seemed to remember existing anyways).

The other counter-point here is that if you dial 0 on your gizmo, you get teleblend customer service. This does require a change on the call control servers, so again, someone has access to the equipment.

The question is, why misrepresent?

Here is a link to the questions thread on Teleblend on DSLReports.

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Besides, with judicious "informed" use of a packet sniffer (like tcpdump), a few other tools, and some time, one can deduce whatever one needs.

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