Saturday, December 01, 2007

World AIDS Day

Well, I guess it's that day of the year again where we should all feel bad about not having done enough to ... well, have done something.

Everyone agrees that what's been done is not enough. The profit-oriented pharma industry has developed hideously expensive drugs of dubious value, and denied them to those unable to pay. Those with insurance have found their benefits limited, and bump into the "lifetime benefits limit" or "annual benefits limit" two thirds of the way through treatment for cancer, or something less serious.

So, all I ask, righteously cloaking myself in the names of the nameless victims in Africa: Billions of dollars were given. Where did they go?

Corrupt governments. UN palm-greasing, and hand-wringing trips for good PR. Funding conversion to Christianity (hey, look at what the evil Afghans did to our proselytizers ... err... missionaries - special at 11. Skipping the (no) good they did).

I'll make a bet that less than 10 cents of every dollar sent actually do "something" to help. Make that five cents of every dollar.

Oh, wait, that would appeal to reason, not emotion. Right on, CNN. Way to make me feel bad, but only about the three little children in that mud hut in Africa.

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