Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hardware Failure and Humility

Ah, it's been a bad week in the world of hardware.

Came back from Vancouver, where I had enjoyed the weather (read: mountain biking) immensely, to sunny Arlington. Took Friday the 13th to get sorted, and then hit the trail Saturday. I had figured that by skipping the 13th I was home free, but riding around the Fountainhead trails had no end of grief with my front derailleur and chain. I actually had the chain sucked around the bottom bracket and then on the outside of the outer chainring and front derailleur - yikes. Aluminum chips shaved off the bottom bracket were all over the chain. To boot, the brand-new saddlebag popped and dropped my tools and patch kit all over the trail. Thankfully a fellow rider caught up to me (fixing chain suck again) and asked if I had lost some tools.

That evening, two 512 MB sticks in my home PC decided to fail as well, leading Windows XP to exclaim random errors, usually in ntfs.sys. Unhandled exception was another interesting error. Taking out a GB of RAM fixed this, but seriously impaired performance in video games. It's just odd that memory running fine for six months decides to go south.

I guess even the pros have bad days with hardware - it happens. Off to fix my bike.


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