Saturday, June 03, 2006

Free Speech in Canada (as long as you agree)

Saw this on Slashdot, and had to go check it out. It turns out that Joe Volpe's campaign staffers have successfully gotten the Canadian internet name registry to delete a registration, knocking a site offline, and bragged about it to boot. Why? It was making fun of them and their beloved candidate, but in a not-so-nice way. Joe Volpe's campaign has been accused of some "dubious" donations, such as a sum of money from the twin daughters of a generic drug company, and the site made fun of that. Nice - this guy gets my vote. Not.

Story is here.

Seriously, this kind of behaviour on the part of politicians and their staffers (both the donations accusations, and gagging people who write about it) is sickening. It seems like the only people attracted to politics are at best somewhat suspect, with a great many being outright scumbags. While I find Canadian politics more entertaining than US politics for the most part, it seems that the politicians and their cronies are trying to leapfrog each other in brashly stomping on peoples' rights, because that's easier than dealing with criticism and cleaning up their act.

Hey, an idea: how about not being a weasel in the first place?

Ok, Canada: go ahead, ban me from your country. It seems like you border people interrogate me to the point that you'll deny me entry even though I carry a passport from your country. Don't worry, I won't overstay my visa.


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