Friday, June 02, 2006

Feeling Secure Enough Already?

Since yesterday's post was so long, I'll keep this post nice and short, and save the accumulated vitriol for tomorrow.

Apparently a bill is proposed in Congress to legalize what is estimated to be 20 million immigrants, according to this Washington Post article (warning, registration probably required). Now, I am not an immigrant, but live in the States as a non-immigrant. What makes the people who came into the United States illegally feel that they can jump ahead in line of legal immigrants? It's probably that they don't qualify since they are high school drop outs. But then, I don't qualify to immigrate either, since I am a college drop out, no matter how many millions of dollars I made for US citizens and choosing to contribute to job growth in this country.

Anyways, I'll leave it at that before I get my visa revoked. Free speech and all only applies to resident aliens (partially) and citizens (less than they think) anyways.

On a separate note, there is this cool site called Homeland Stupidity. Kind of funny, but not as funny as, and not nearly as frightening as Cryptome.


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