Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where SunRocket's Minutes went ...

So apparently this guy and his buddy supposedly managed to get a few million dollars' worth of free calls: Fugitive VOIP hacker cuffed in Mexico

Nice. I am sure there is a lot of amortized equipment (corporate jets and the like) in that price. How many minutes does that work out to? Tens of millions? It's not like they're in orange tokens like AT&T commercials or anything. Let me guess - they looked for the guy with the missing jaw.

They're trumping it up like a BSA audit. Break the EULA for MS Office, you're paying for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access separately, and not the bundled price, even if your installation is a "MS Office" installation per the Windows Install/Remove Software applet. That's also how the cost of software "lost to piracy" and "lost to open source" is calculated.

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